A New Year has started and so did we…

So yeah, 2017 has crawled up on us – Holiday season is over, even though we still hold on to our faux Christmas tree and stuff ourselves with food like that New Years  resolutions never happened 🙂

Still have a lot to be thankful for. We managed to launch our Cat accessories and Cat themed apparel store (original right? :)) becoming even more socially awkward and total weirdos for our  family and friends. We got our first baby boy. Our fury firstborns are all healthy and happy.We manage to keep up with our exercising schedule. We cook. We clean. We eat. Don’t sleep. Sleep. Cats.Cats sleeping on top of us like two fury anchors and not being able to move.Cuddling, purring, squeezing, baby crying..waking up and facing it all, all over again 🙂

Regardless of obvious bliss and a gluttony galore taking place at our home extending to its both two legged and four legged furry inhabitants this year started  with cute and hearth warming encounter on our first walk on the beach on the first day of the year.

This lovely lady was taking care of bunch of seemingly stray Cats. She knew all their stories and they seemed to know her very well also. Some of the Cats were scared by cruel humans,  some of them were sickly-still, she got them all neutralized, holding up with vet appointments and driving daily from her home to the beach to feed her feline friends and checking up on them.  She wasn’t old or single (in contrary to that”crazy cat lady ” stereotype) or with a lot of free time on her hands. She had her daily routine and schedule, her babies at home waiting for her. Still, she made a daily effort to make a difference to the smallest and unprotected.

So yeah, 2017 crawled up on us and this Crazy Cat Lady warmed our hearts and woke us up to a notion how random acts of kindness from unrecognized ordinary heroes might go unnoticed , yet make this world of ours a much better and more beautiful place than it would be without them.

Here are some pics of these cute Kitties.

Big Boy stretching
Zoro taking care of the boat
Getting cuddles from Mom
Any food in that square box human?
Black Beauty
Making rounds, securing the perimeter
This cute boy was hurt by some nasty human, still hasn’t lost his faith in human kind
Do not enter my personal space Lady
Dynamic Duo
Any treats?
Inserting Noms
What you’re looking at, never seen a Cat?
What’s up Human?



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  1. Thanks for the follow.


  2. Very interesting post. You are so right, small acts of kindness make such a mark in society and gives us faith in out fellow humans.


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    1. 2stupidcats says:

      They do-every one can afford it, yet it seems it’s a rare commodity these days. Marge


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